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The Value of Community Living for Veterans

Every American deserves to live out his or her golden years in peace and honor, but none more so than the nation's many devoted veterans. After devoting years of life to defending freedom, they should not be forced to give up a sense of independence. Unfortunately, many veterans find themselves in positions where injuries or [...]

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Social Isolation Can Be Dangerous for Seniors

Social isolation remains a concern when it comes to seniors in America, and the global pandemic increased the feelings of loneliness many older individuals experience. People may not recognize the seriousness of this problem, but seniors who are lonely become more at risk of dementia or another serious medical condition.  The National Academies of Sciences, [...]

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Things to Look for When Visiting Your Elderly Parents This Holiday Season

At one time, North Carolina families spent their entire lives living within a few miles of one another, so it was reasonably easy for relatives to ensure the well-being of aging loved ones. But, the picture has changed. According to The Journal of Gerontological Social Work, approximately five to seven million Americans currently provide some assistance [...]

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