Rastall Dining Room

Food as Social Currency

Dining at Cypress Court is more than a casual eatery, it is a lively place, where residents and guests gather and join laughter and comradery. It is the heart of Cypress Court and our associates facilitate to ensure that the needs and wants of our residents and guests are met. Our culinary creations consist of one breakfast special, three lunch specials, and three dinner specials. We also offer twenty-six menu items from our all-day menu. We create our daily specials based on our residents’ preference.

Impeccable Taste

No matter where our residents decide to dine, they can expect nothing but flavorful, healthy dishes. We switch up our menu to keep meals from being predictable and boring, and we put our focus on ensuring meals are healthy and made to the highest of standards.

Our chefs are well-experienced, and they share our commitment to provide residents with a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Residents will have no shortage of cuisines to sample, allowing them to taste the flavors of different parts of the world without leaving our community. Be sure to check out the image gallery here on our site for an up-close look at some of our delicious, healthy meal options.

Food as Social-Dining
More Than Just Food

More Than Just Food

Something else we focus on with our dining programs is helping our residents associate food with people and the unique experiences that food can create. For instance, we hope to bring people together and stir up conversations while sitting down for a meal. We feature recipes that can be made by a group of people who can sit down and enjoy their prepared meal, creating new memories. We also offer seasonal events to bring residents together and wellness practices that turn food into medicine that also nourishes one’s well-being.



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