What People Are Saying

Cypress Court Staff, Thank you all so much for the beautiful wind chimes. My family and I really appreciate the kind words you all wrote about our Mother. I’d like to thank you again for the kind and loving care you all showed her at he end of her life. With love, the Quinn Family.

Cypress Court is a 5-star for me. It’s the one I’m considering for myself. The few staff that I saw were very good, they’re excellent in meeting new people coming in and so forth. They’re very, very friendly, and that’s important. I liked the apartment and the brightness of it. I also saw their dining area and it was pretty bright too. I liked it. They had a library, beauty shop, and they do art classes too. The facility is very well-kept and very clean. -02/20/22


Dear Cypress Court Employees,
On behalf of my mom, Madeline Willis, I would like to thank you for your outstanding care and service over the past 3 years. Madeline always talked highly of you all and I could see just how professional you all were during my many visits. Again, thank you all!

THANK YOU to the entire staff for a lovely and enjoyable Christmas buffet. Everything from check-in, rapid COVID test, seating, and food was excellent!

Richard Siegel

Thank you very much for the Xmas dinner our family really enjoyed it. The food was really exceptional, and of course, we ate too much. The kitchen staff really outdid themselves. The wait staff really worked hard to make sure we were taken care of. Thank you again for everything.

Caring and professional staff. Beautiful rooms and a warm, welcoming community. Seriously good food. I was impressed with how happy and friendly the residents were. I think that is a true sign of the quality of care and service provided. Management is up to date with the latest in safety and training.

North Inland Senior Providers

Visited Cypress Court last week. I was able to meet many of the staff members and they were very kind. I loved that I can feel how much they really care about their residents. The apartments were clean, cozy, and there are plenty of accommodations for residents to enjoy. I highly recommend that you go take tour and see for yourself!


I would highly recommend Cypress Court in Escondido. It’s superb, but it’s for more independent people or people that don’t need that much assistance. If you’re in that juncture of your life then it is a phenomenal place. My mom was just there for a month. She was in assisted living, until her health turned. She loved it there. They had barbecues and a restaurant where the residents could choose what to eat. They had tons of really nice people, so I was really impressed with the facility. If you’re looking for independent living, that’s quite the setup there. The staff was excellent too. They did a really good job . They were very friendly. They are there to help the people. They have extremely nice rooms, and the building itself was very, very nicely kept and maintained. They have a gym and a salon. They have a huge courtyard in the middle of the facility. They have a place for your dogs too. They have a little bit of everything there at that building, which was extremely nice. There’s a restaurant with a variety of food that you could order from, and all their food was excellent. It was just a very nice facility. If you need independent living or need some assistance, it is an excellent place. If you need more medical care, they just are not set up for something like that.


I absolutely love Cypress Court. My husband lives there now after living at another assisted living facility (which was also wonderful). He prefers Cypress because the energy there is always positive and active. Beautiful grounds, wonderful and helpful staff, great food, lovely apartment. Couldn’t ask for more. We feel extremely fortunate to have found Cypress.


My uncle Keith Brinnon was so blessed to live at Cypress Court. Even for a short time he was there, he had a quality life.  At almost 91 years of age and pretty much at full cognition, it’s amazing how much he was able to participate in some of the activities. He loved the food and regularly spoke of the tenderness and tastiness of the ribeye or lamb. His favorite vegetable soup with it stirred up so he could have the good vegetables was always appreciated on the extra hot side.




Cypress Court Community Awards