Finding the right living accommodations for a senior who can no longer live alone challenges many families. They worry they will choose the wrong place and their loved ones won’t thrive. Many families feel guilty for not keeping the senior at home with them and delay making this decision. Other families discover they must plan quickly after their loved one has a medical crisis. Families should begin this search long before the senior will make the move so they don’t feel rushed and make the wrong choice. What should the family consider during this search? 

The Location of the Accommodations

First, the family must determine if the senior will remain in their current city or move closer to a family member. Many adults move away from their parents, which makes it difficult to help them when they get older. The senior may not want to move to a new city, so the location needs to be determined before the search for a community begins. The senior’s preferences need to be taken into consideration when choosing senior living accommodations.

However, the medical needs of the senior play a role in where the accommodations are located. Certain individuals may need to live near a specific medical center because of one or more health conditions they have. If medical needs are not an issue currently but may become one in the future, consider this when making the choice. It’s best to find a living situation the senior can remain in rather than having them move after becoming settled because of a change in their health. 

What Level of Care Does the Senior Need? 

When looking for senior living accommodations, consider the level of care needed. Some people find they need assisted living arrangements while another person might benefit from independent living. If the loved one needs memory care, the family must determine which communities offer this option. After determining the level of care required, the family can turn their attention to the amenities offered in different communities. 

Independent living arrangements allow the seniors to live life as they choose. They don’t need daily assistance and will live in their own space. However, they have access to dining, laundry, and housekeeping services. This allows them to have more time for the things they enjoy, as they aren’t doing basic household tasks. 

Assisted living serves as the perfect option for men and women who need some help with daily tasks. The staff at the senior living center creates a plan for each senior, so they continue to live independently where possible and only receive help with those things they cannot do alone. 

Individuals with cognitive issues often need specialized care around the clock. A memory care community provides this care and ensures the safety of the seniors. The staff ensures the seniors take their medicine, don’t wander off, and complete basic hygiene tasks. 

What Financial Resources Are Available to Pay for Care?

Families must figure out how they will pay for long-term care. They need to research all available funding sources. The senior may have retirement income to help pay for their care or assets the family can sell to help offset the cost of the community. Other financing options include family contributions, life insurance, and local government programs. Speak with the staff to see if they know of other resources the family may have overlooked. 

Visit the Different Communities

Never choose senior living accommodations without visiting each community. While visiting the community, pay attention to how staff members treat the residents, how the seniors interact with each other, the activities offered, and more. The senior needs to feel comfortable in their new accommodations, so request their feedback on each community you visit. Have a meal with the residents and check out the amenities offered.

Never rush this process. Consider making one scheduled visit and dropping in unexpectedly at another time to get a better feel for the place. Try visiting at different times of the day, as this gives you a better understanding of how the center operates at various times. 

The right living accommodations allow a senior to thrive. Learn about different communities to find the right place for your loved one. The right place is out there. It’s simply a matter of finding it.

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