Fifty percent of Americans over the age of 65 have one or more disabilities. These disabilities don’t interfere with their desire to remain independent, however. As disabilities vary greatly in terms of their effects on the individual, help is often needed to perform daily living activities.

Sadly, many disabilities remain invisible to others, so these people struggle in silence. They don’t need to do so. Today, individuals have several senior living options to choose from.

These options allow them to find a community that meets their specific needs. While several options are available today, many seniors either opt for independent living or assisted living in Escondido, CA. Doing so allows them to have the maximum amount of freedom while still knowing help is available if they need it. How can one of these communities benefit a senior with a disability?

Various Disabilities

As previously mentioned, disabilities vary greatly and their effects differ as well. Some people suffer from physical disabilities, which may restrict their mobility or ability to live alone. Other people have intellectual disabilities that make it difficult for them to learn or communicate with others.

A person might have a sensory disability, such as hearing loss, that impacts their living arrangements. Another person, however, might be struggling with a mental disability, one that affects their thoughts and emotions. Finding the right home for seniors depends in part on knowing how best to address the specific disabilities of the person

Finding the Right Community

A family should not choose a community for their loved one based on proximity to family members. Although this does make it easier to see the family member regularly, other things must be taken into account when making this decision. Home care is the preferred option of most seniors and should be the first choice as long as possible. When the day comes that the senior needs more help than a home care team can provide, look into independent and assisted living communities.

Independent Living

An independent living center is ideal for seniors who can live alone but may need extra help at times. The community handles many basic tasks for the residents, such as cooking and cleaning, but the senior lives alone. They know there is always help available if they need it, but they continue to live life as they choose. Many people choose this option as they want more freedom to enjoy life. They have worked for many years to support themselves and their loved ones and now it is time to enjoy every minute of the day, leaving routine tasks to others.

An independent living community might have assistive devices for individuals with disabilities. These devices include items such as a door knock notifications or large print keyboards. When comparing communities, ask which devices are available for those with disabilities to ensure the right living arrangements are selected for the loved one. Furthermore, ask if devices can be brought with the patient or what steps need to be taken to secure these devices. The loved one should have everything they need to live independently as long as they can.

Assisted Living

An assisted living community is ideal for those who can still live alone but need help with daily activities. These activities may include showering or medical care. Men and women who require help managing their various medications benefit greatly from an assisted living community. They have somewhere to turn if they need help getting to doctors’ appointments or if they cannot use the restroom on their own.

Assisted living communities will often have the same devices available for those with disabilities. However, they also have staff members available around the clock to help residents with tasks. Most devices focus on sensory and physical disabilities, but family members should ask how the community accommodates those with mental or intellectual disabilities, as well.

The family needs to sit down and discuss all options. When doing so, it’s best to look at a community that offers both independent and assisted living arrangements. This ensures the senior won’t need to move as their needs change in the future. They can continue residing in the same community while receiving the level of care they need. Seniors appreciate this, as they don’t want to move repeatedly as they get older. The right community ensures they won’t need to.

About Cypress Court:

Cypress Court offers assisted and independent living for seniors who wish to remain on their own. The center is home to studio, one, and two-bedroom apartment homes and offers a range of amenities to meet the needs of residents. Staff members focus on ensuring residents feel safe and secure while promoting the health and well-being of all community members.