Every American deserves to live out his or her golden years in peace and honor, but none more so than the nation’s many devoted veterans. After devoting years of life to defending freedom, they should not be forced to give up a sense of independence. Unfortunately, many veterans find themselves in positions where injuries or illnesses, whether incurred in the line of duty or well after heading home, make it difficult just to get by.

California veterans who want to maintain a sense of independence while simultaneously living their best lives well into old age can often benefit from moving to independent or assisted living communities. These communities offer not just access to basic assistance with things like meal preparation, cleaning, and other daily activities, but also a sense of belonging and a chance to make new friends.

Senior and Disabled Veterans Deserve Independence and Respect

For disabled veterans, the phrase “there’s no going home” can have an even more sinister meaning. It’s often impossible for severely disabled veterans to return to the lives they once lived, as many have a need for more accessible housing, support services, or even assistance from a dedicated caregiver. While it may no longer be possible for seriously disabled veterans to live alone, independence is not out of reach.

One of California’s many independent living communities may provide a perfect solution. Contrary to popular belief, not all of them cater exclusively to 55+ residents. Some also provide housing and basic care for younger residents who are unable to continue living alone.

For every veteran that heads home with a serious disability, many others are able to return to their lives. Even after a long life in the civilian workforce, these heroes are still veterans at heart and can still benefit from living with others who respect what they have done for their countries. No one who has protected America and her allies during youth should be forced to live alone without support in old age.

Moving to a new apartment isn’t just about getting access to the services required to maintain independence. Seeking out the right community can be integral to continuing to live a good life, and that’s just what senior and disabled veterans will find when they investigate communities designed with their needs in mind.

The Perfect Combination of Shared and Independent Spaces

One of the great things about moving to disabled and senior living communities is that they offer a fantastic combination of shared, communal spaces and independent apartments. Veterans will be able to live alone or with a spouse or friend but still have access to communal spaces where they can gather with others to eat together, participate in activities, attend religious services, talk with friends, and bond over shared experiences. All of these activities will be right outside the door, too, so living with limited mobility will never be a problem again.

Covering the Cost of Assistive Care

Not all veterans realize that they are entitled to diverse benefits, many of which can be used to help to cover the cost of moving to a senior living apartment or getting access to services for disabled vets. Veterans planners may be available through retirement communities and other programs. These experts can help to explain benefits and eligibility requirements, apply for aid and entitlements, and appeal denied claims. 

Veterans planners are available through many different organizations. Some work for non-profits, while others work with local attorneys. The good news for veterans who need some help figuring out their entitlements is that most planners will offer at least the basic services required to apply for assistance for free.

State-Sponsored Veterans Homes vs. Independent Communities

Every state has at least one state veteran’s home. These communities are designed to offer former active-duty military members nursing home care, and most specifically target low-income veterans who want to spend their golden years with others who have had similar life experiences.

While state veteran’s homes are required by law to conform with private sector regulations and minimum expectations for nursing homes, not all of them offer supported living arrangements. For that, veterans who do not require extensive skilled nursing care are better off using the benefits to which they are entitled to pay for renting a private senior living apartment.

Life at Cypress Court

Senior veterans in California looking for the perfect place to call home and start building new social connections can stop their searches. Cypress Court is a privately owned senior living community that offers veterans all the luxury and convenience of a resort but with the added benefit of providing residents with assistance with daily tasks. Cypress Court is open for new move-ins, so call (760) 747-1940 to schedule a tour today.