The aging process brings with it many challenges that can become difficult for seniors and their loved ones. Because of increased isolation and loneliness, many people begin suffering from depression as they grow older.  Although common, depression is not normal but is a disorder that requires medical intervention. An assisted living community in Escondido, CA prevents isolation and helps seniors who suffer from depression. Discovering the benefits of assisted living will help seniors and their loved ones form a plan of action to treat depression. 

Seniors With Depression Need Support

Depression can stem from changes in lifestyle and from health concerns. Seniors with depression need to seek medical treatment to rule out any underlying health concerns that may be causing changes in mood or behavior. Feelings of depression can become challenging to overcome, especially for seniors with dwindling cognitive function. Those diagnosed with clinical depression will find a welcoming solace in assisted living homes

These homes offer a supportive environment that fosters sound mental health. Seniors receive consummate care and socialization, which are vital to combatting depression. By receiving senior care, individuals will find greater freedom to explore social opportunities that spark creativity, laughter, and improved well-being. 

What Are the Signs of Senior Depression?

Depression can strike people of all ages and for multiple reasons, but seniors are more at risk of developing this condition, especially if they live alone. Understanding the signs and symptoms of depression in seniors is critical for protecting the mental health of individuals. 

  • Changes in mood that include chronic feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or anxiousness
  • Irritability and restlessness 
  • Decreased desire to participate in activities that once brought joy to the senior
  • Sleep disturbances or sleeping too much
  • Changes in diet, including eating too much or too little
  • Problems with concentrating, decision-making, or remembering
  • Decreased energy and increased fatigue
  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide

Because some of the symptoms of depression are more subtle than others, seniors and their loved ones may not recognize right away that there is a problem. If loved ones begin to notice changes in a senior’s behavior, it is essential to seek medical care. Seniors with depression can deteriorate rapidly. 

Reasons Seniors Develop Depression

Seniors can develop depression for many reasons. Understanding the causes of depression will help loved ones monitor the mental health of seniors and ensure they are receiving the care they need from independent living. Consider the following. 

  • Depression is common in those who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and even cancer. The diagnosis and effects of their condition can lead to depression. 
  • Another common cause of senior depression is medications. Some medications have side effects that can lead to feelings of depression. Seniors exhibiting indications of depression should talk with their doctors to determine if medication changes are necessary. 
  • Decreased independence can also lead to feelings of depression in seniors. Seniors may feel imprisoned by their lack of mobility, socialization, or activity. This cause of depression is why it is so vital for people to pursue senior living services. 
  • Depression may also arise due to increased stress. The aging process brings many challenges, and people sometimes feel overwhelmed because of the changes occurring in their lives. Seniors frequently find it more difficult to adapt to changes as they grow older. 

How Can Assisted Living Help Seniors With Depression?

Assisted living is a beneficial option for seniors coping with depression. This residential care community offers integral care, socialization, and daily activities that help seniors live life to the fullest without being isolated and feeling worthless. The following are some of the benefits of these communities. 

  • Assisted living communities offer 24/7 surveillance and some health services to monitor seniors and ensure they are healthy mentally and physically. 
  • These communities help seniors with their hygiene, toileting, dressing, medication administration, and more. 
  • Seniors will benefit from a dedicated care team that focuses on their mental and physical health, addressing any concerns as they develop. 
  • The activities in these communities foster sound mental health. When seniors remain active and experience fulfilling relationships, they are less likely to suffer from debilitating depression. 
  • When seniors feel like they have a purpose, they are less likely to suffer from depression. Seniors often experience a greater feeling of purpose when they enter an assisted living community because they feel needed and a part of something greater. 

Here at Cypress Court Independent Assisted Living, we are committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment for seniors. We passionately provide the gold standard of senior living and work to ensure our residents are living their most fulfilling lives possible.