Moving parents into an assisted living community is always challenging. Even if the parents  agree to the move, there are many decisions to make. Emotions are likely to affect everyone. Keep reading for tips on how to make the move easier and less stressful for everyone.

Understand the Budget

Cost is a often a deciding factor in choosing an assisted living community. Adult children should look at the family’s monthly budget to determine how much they can afford each month. Some parents may have money saved for this purpose or long-term care insurance that can help pay for the home. Children need to speak with their parents about their financial situation. Although parents may need assistance in understanding the costs and budget, they should be active participants in the discussion if they are able.

Research Communities

Once the family has established a budget, begin researching available communities. Many online search tools are helpful, such as LeadingAge,, and Eldercare Locator. These can be good places to start. Ask family, friends, and personal physicians for their recommendations.  

Narrow the Search

After looking at many communities, narrow the options down to three possibilities. Location is an essential consideration when choosing a retirement community. Determine if the aging parents want to live close to their children or would rather move to a climate that is comfortable year-round. Make a list of the pros and cons of each community.

Take a Tour Without Parents

Children looking to place their parents in assisted living in Escondido, CA, need to visit each community in person. Brochures, reviews, and floor plans do not accurately portray a community. Individuals should visit the top three communities without their parents. Visiting alone allows them to evaluate the community without overwhelming their parents. It is easier for children to ask some questions without parents present, too. Be sure to write down any questions before touring the community.

Tour With Parents

Once they have narrowed the search to two independent living services, children should take their parents to visit. At this point, the parents should be able to choose the home they prefer while keeping the children’s advice and suggestions in mind. For parents who may be overwhelmed with choosing between two communities, it can be helpful to take them to the top choice and, if they do not like it, then take them to the second choice.  

Consider Options

Once a community has been selected, allow parents as much choice as possible in making their new home comfortable. Consider allowing them to choose the layout of their apartment or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they will have. Parents may enjoy choosing kitchen appliances, the types of meals they want to eat, and activities they would enjoy.  

Moving In

Once the details have been taken care of, it’s time to move the parents in. Assisted living communities will require physician’s orders and a nursing assessment. Adult children need to transfer medications to the community and speak with someone about a power of attorney.

Parents may have a lot of emotions as the move gets closer. They may mourn the passing of their youth and independence. They may be sad about moving away from nearby friends and neighbors. Some seniors have been living in the same home for many years with their families, so moving away is very emotional. Seniors can also worry about getting older, making new friends, and adapting to a new place.  

Children of aging parents may also feel many emotions as the move-in day draws near. They may wonder if they acted too quickly in moving their parents into an assisted living community or, sometimes, if they waited too long. They may be second-guessing their choice of communities. There is always guilt, but the feelings are normal and will pass.

Move-in day can be difficult. Some parents may want to help with moving things, but others will do better if they enjoy the day shopping, watching a movie, or visiting with loved ones while the move is happening.  

Moving into an assisted living space will probably be downsizing for parents. This takes time, so plan accordingly. Be sure to have parents decide where they want to place furniture before the move and how they want to organize closets and rooms. Once the parents have moved in, make sure they know where everything is so they feel at home and can find things.  

Transitioning to an assisted living community can be difficult. Plan accordingly to make the move smooth and stress-free.

Choosing the Best Option

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